How Often Should I Get Botox in Hinsdale?

Botox® Cosmetic temporarily minimizes lines and wrinkles formed by facial expressions. This means that after your first injection appointment, you must continue to receive regular injections to ensure the results last. 

To know how often you should get Botox in Hinsdale, the babes at Images Med Spa are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you!

How does Botox work?

Knowing how Botox works can help you better understand our recommendation for how often to get Botox in Hinsdale.

Every time you smile, frown, squint, or make any facial expressions, some of the 43 muscles beneath your face contract. Over time, these repeated muscle contractions cause fine lines and wrinkles to form on the face. 

Questions to ask before Botox injections→

These wrinkles begin as faint lines and eventually evolve into bothersome, permanent wrinkles that cause you to feel less confident in your appearance. Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily prevents wrinkle-forming muscles in your face from contracting, softening the appearance and preventing more lines and wrinkles.

To prevent expression wrinkles, we can treat our babes in their 20s with preventative Botox in Hinsdale.

How often to get Botox in Hinsdale

Generally, the effects of Botox last 3 to 5 months before you notice expression wrinkles return. 

How often we recommend clients return for Botox in Hinsdale largely depends on how many units we injected and how quickly their body metabolizes the product. 

Some clients find that scheduling regular injections every three months works best for them, while others may opt for three to four treatments a year. 

The answer to the question of how often to get Botox in Hinsdale also depends on when you began having Botox injections. Studies have shown that regular Botox use can make the effects last for longer periods of time since the treated muscles become shorter and smaller from decreased use. This means they require less product less often to experience the same effectiveness.

How soon should I start preventative Botox?→

Clients that come to us for preventative Botox in Hinsdale may find that after several years of regular Botox treatments, they only require additional injections every six months! They will also experience delayed aging in their skin long after the product’s effects start to wear off.

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